The Art of Keyword Picking: How One Bad Lot Could Ruin Online Automotive Advertising

Trim all the fat of web marketing SEO. Remove all the fancy buzzwords, false promises, heroic success stories, incredible waves of traffic, and technical know-how. What lies at the very center of online marketing is the keyword. It is the place a visitor comes from after typing in a certain phrase. It is what makes Google work. It is what creates the “search” in search engine optimization.

The keyword is the key to unlocking the puzzle. It is realistically possible to make an incredibly successful SEO campaign while focusing solely on the keywords (or one keyword, quite frankly). All the other stuff is padding.

With all this extra focus and this distillation of SEO, it can seem crippling to target one keyword and run with it. What about all the others? Picking a keyword (or keywords) is almost an art form. One bad pick could ruin the entire effort and run moot any promises and assurances made to a dealership.

The automotive advertising company will select a few keywords to go with after analyzing the data and running some numbers. They are looking for keywords that fit the below criteria.

  • They are not too competitive, making it too difficult to rank for and thus too ambitious
  • They are not too vague and competitive, which means a top ranking could be removed after a few weeks due to a competitor.
  • They are not so strict and specific as to be mostly unusable
  • They are not too “off the beaten path,” not resulting in the right matches
  • They are not too temporary, thus being obsolete in a few weeks
  • The keyword is not servicing sales. It is getting traffic, but not driving a “buy”

A keyword could be any of these things, and fail because it didn’t fit the criteria. Truthfully, a company can opt to target one amazing keyword, and receive a lot of traffic because of it. One bad choice could get in the way of what would otherwise be a really solid SEO campaign. If all else fails, the keyword must be right. It can save the project and deliver the sales desired.