A day in the life of a Builder

I'm Christian ——-.

I'm a builder for UrbanEmpire Construction.

I work on residential building sites.

So new homes and renovations.

My dad was a builder and I grew up on building sites with him.

So a typical day is openingup the site and organising the trades and apprentices of what work needs to be completed that day.

They can include installing windows, doing framing, demolition works and keeping thesite clean.

Things I enjoy about the job are working with my hands, working outdoors andit keeps you fit and healthy.

A good builder is someone who's good at problem solving,good with people and well organised.

One of the biggest challenges is just learning allthe different trades that are involved in the process of building a house and howlong things take and how long they should take.

When the job's going well one tradewill follow the other trades.

There's no waiting around for things to be done.

It all flows.

Usually, on a weekly basis, you interact with the client.

You'll walk through the job, showthe client what's been done, and what is going to be done in the coming weeks.

It's veryimportant to keep them in the loop and knowing what's being done on their site.

It's a satisfyingjob because your transforming someone's house into something that they've always dreamedof doing and in a new space that they can enjoy in the future.

It's a great feeling.

Source: Youtube