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[Gary] Yes, Bai.

[Bai] So just to expand on that answer, soif you are in a month like so you've got a one-year term and you take the box to actuallyin the term.

She go months and months, you can only gosee a 2.

9 as per the increase but if you said fix contract 1 year, you got to renegotiatethat point, then you can bump it up to it whatever.

[Audience member] it's just a very specificthing on the rental agreement.

It's not a residential tenancy agreement.

So it does not have it in and so you havea very good contract.

[Gary] You know I always say — I encouragemy clients to write addendums to their contract and then after writing that contract likesend a copy to residential tenancy branch and then get them to provide approval in writing,so that if ever arbitration comes like oh that's not legal, it's not allowed, will Igot the email from residential tenancy branch thing that's okay.


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