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The Best Time of Year to Rent an Apartment

What is the best timeof year to find tenants for your rental property? That's today's video.

Let's dive in.

Hey, everyone.

I'm Clayton Morris.

I'm the founderof Morris Invest, and I'm a longtimereal estate investor.

Today I want to talk to youabout the best time of year to find tenants foryour rental property.

Now you think the winterwould be a bad time to find tenants for yourrental property, right? We get that question a lot.

Well, should I be concernedin February or March about getting tenantsfor my property if it's so cold outside? Will people want togo out in the snow to come and see your property? Is August a better time? Is the summertime a better time? The answer is frankly,it doesn't much matter.

Obviously, the holidays could bea little bit of a slow period.

Right around Christmas,people aren't going to want to moveand pack up boxes right during the holidays.

However, right after theholidays, and right before tax time is the besttime to find tenants for your rental properties.

Why? Think about it for a second.

Why would that be? Why would that be? Well, refund checks–refund checks– if that's what you said,then you're absolutely right.

And what we find happens is thatmany people want to front load the amount of rent they can puttowards their rental property.

So a new tenant wants tomove into the property, loves the property,and they know they're in competitionwith another tenant.

This is what happenson our properties we get into– I don'twant to say bidding wars– but we really can take the creamof the crop on our properties.

So the person that'sable to put up five months, sixmonths worth of rent and to move into thisproperty, chances are, they'reprobably going to get picked to rent the property.

And why can they do that? Because the tax man– sothey're going to get money back from the government,typically, and they're going to get a big nicecheck from the government.

And rather than spendingthat money on things they don't need, theywant to front load the amount they canput down on their rent.

And very often, we'll gettenants in March, and April, and frankly, February,because people want to do their taxes earlyso they can get those refund checks– they will put downfive, six, seven, months.

We actually had someone paytheir whole year's rent in one fell swoop thanks totheir refund check.

So the springtimecan be a great time, and the winter timeright after Christmas can be a fantastictime to get tenants into your rental properties.

So don't fear the winter.

Old man winter isnothing to fear when it comes to rental properties.

I'd love to hear yourthoughts about today's video.

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And our goal with this channelis to really provide you with fantastic informationon how to become a landlord and learn about creatingpassive income and cash flow in your life throughrental property investing.

There is nothinglike it– nothing– trust me– absolutely nothing.

Go out there.

Become a real estate investor.

And take action.

We'll see on thenext video, everyone.

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Top 10 Best Condos for Rent in Mississauga

Hi this is Freedom from Condo Planet.

I wantto welcome you to a special edition.

Today we are going to uncover the top ten best condosfor rent in Mississauga.

With over a hundred condominium buildings to choose from it canbe a daunting task to figure out where you want to live.

Fortunately we have done a lotof the leg work here.

We are going to provide you some insider information.

We have studiedthe last 12 months of rental activity to provide you with the ten most popular condominiumbuildings in Mississauga.

The Top ten best condos for rent in Mississauga.

This list is based on consumers, tenants like yourself.

What we have done is we have lookedat the last past 12 months of rental activity.

We have looked at all the buildings and identifiedthe ones that rented the most units out.

That is how we have come up with this list.

Nowthat is not to say that buildings that are not on this list are not worth looking at.

There are a lot of great buildings.

They just may not have enough units up for rent.

A lotof the older buildings are owner occupied for example and a lot of the owners don'trent out the units so you could have buildings that have not made this list that might stillbe worth considering.

And we at Condo Planet can help you find the right building, theright unit that is the best fit for you.

But without further ado, let's get down to thetop 10 best condos for rent in Mississauga.

Ranked number 10 for out top ten best condosfor rent in Mississauga is Grand ovation, situated at 310 Burnhamthorpe Rd west.

Thisbuilding was built by Tridel in the year 2008.

It has 458 units and 35 storeys.

The rentaloptions include suites with one bedroom, one bedroom plus den, two bedrooms and two bedroomsplus den.

Amenities at 310 Burnhamthorpe Rd West include Guest Suites, Garden Terrace,Party Rooms, Barbecues, Golf Room, a Ping-Pong Room, Billiards Room, Theatre, Indoor Pooland a Fitness Centre.

Ranked number 9 on our top 10 best condosfor rent in Mississauga is Absolute Vision located at 80 Absolute Avenue.

This buildingrented out 52 suites in the past 12 months alone.

It was built by Fernbrook Homes inthe year 2009.

It has 373 units and 35 storeys.

Amenities at 80 Absolute Avenue are all locatedin a separate facility known as the Absolute Club.

This facility has over thirty thousandsquare feet of amenities space including cardio room with elliptical machines and treadmills,a separate weight room with free weights and machines, a basketball court, business centre,two squash courts, a theatre, card room, five furnished guest suites, four party rooms anda sun deck with barbecue facilities.

At number 8 is Ultra Ovation at 330 BurnhamthorpeRd West.

This building was was built by Tridel in the year 2010.

It has 297 units and 32storeys.

The bedroom layouts are typical of most buildings.

You have the one bedroom,one bedroom plus den, two bedrooms and two bedrooms plus den layouts.

Amenities of 330Burnhamthorpe Rd West include dining room, terrace with barbecues,a party room, guestsuites, billiards room, virtual golf, fitness room and an indoor pool with a hot tub.

Ranked #7 among the top 10 condos for rent in Mississauga is One Park Tower at 388 Princeof Wales Drive.

This building was built by Daniels in the year 2008.

It has 407 unitsand 38 Storeys.

Among the typical options they also have three bedroom layouts available.

They even have townhomes on the ground level.

The amenities of this building include roofgarden with barbecues, guest suite, second floor virtual golf facility, a fitness centre,a steam room, whirlpool, indoor pool, a party room, library and a lounge.

Ranked number 6 among the top ten condos for rent in Mississauga are the Capital Towers.

These are the twin towers situated at 4080 Living Arts Drive and 4090 Living Arts Drive.

These buildings were built by Daniels in the year 2005.

4080 Living Arts Drive has 372units and 30 floors whereas 4090 Living Arts Drive has 367 units and 31 floors.

The amenitiesof Capital towers are found on the fourth floor.

They include a car wash, party rooms,barbecue, guest suites, media room, card room, billiards room, steam room, fitness centreand an indoor pool.

Ranked number five among the top ten condominiumsfor rent in Mississauga is Chicago located at 385 Prince of Wales Drive.

This buildingwas built by Daniels.

It has 487 units and 35 storeys.

Amenities include a lounge, barbecues,billiards room, party room, virtual golf, a sundeck, theatre, indoor pool, a great fitnesscentre and a thirty foot climbing wall.

Ranked number 4 among the top ten condos forrent in Mississauga are the Ovation buildings.

These are twin buildings located at 3880 Dukeof York Blvd and 3888 Duke of York Blvd.

The 3880 Duke of York Blvd was built in 2004 andits twin partner at 3888 Duke of York Blvd was built a year later in the year 2005.

3880Duke of York Blvd has 466 units and 32 Storeys whereas 3888 Duke of York Blvd has 471 unitsand 32 storeys.

Rental options include suites with one bedroom, one bedroom plus den, twobedrooms, two bedrooms plus den and 3 bedrooms layouts.

The amenities of this building aregreat.

They include two party rooms, guest suites, a terrace with barbecue facilities,a theatre room, billiards, golf centre, a bowling alley, a fitness room and an indoorpool with a hot tub.

At number 3 on our list are the Limelightbuildings located at 360 Square One Drive and 365 Prince of Wales Drive.

Ranked numberthree on our list.

They were built by Daniels in the year 2012, not too long ago.

360 SquareOne Drive has 356 units and 32 Storeys whereas 365 Prince of Wales Drive has 236 units and22 storeys.

Amenities in these buildings include a theatre room, a basketball court, fitnessroom, barbecues, lounge, guest suite and a party room.

Ranked number 2 among the top 10 condos for rent in Mississauga are the Parkside Villagecondos, the two buildings that are up right now, 4065 Brickstone Mews and 4070 ConfederationPkwy.

4065 Brickstone Mews was built in 2012 and a year later we had the release of 4070Confederation Pkwy.

Amenities for these both buildings are shared and they include guestsuites, barbecues, theatre, outdoor terrace, a lounge, a kids zone which is a room dedicatedto kids, you have a study room, a music room, a spa, a cards room, a yoga room, a fitnesscentre and an indoor pool.

And now finally at the top of our list wereach number one.

At number one are the Marilyn Monroe towers situated at 50 Absolute Avenue& 60 Absolute Avenue.

Built by Fernbrook homes in 2012, 50 Absolute Avenue has 433 unitsand 50 storeys.

60 Absolute Avenue has 433 units and 56 storeys.

I might add that 60Absolute Avenue is the tallest Mississauga condo building in all of Mississauga to date.

Amenities in this building are all dedicated amenities.

They are located at Absolute Club.

This Absolute Club is humongous.

It is a thirty thousand square foot facility of amenitiesspace.

It is shared by all five buildings that include the Absolute buildings and theyare shared by the Marilyn Monroe towers as well.

The facility includes a cardio roomwith elliptical machines and treadmills, the best weight room in all of Mississauga accordingto me, according to my opinion with free weights and machines, you got a basketball court,a business centre, two squash courts, theatre, card room, five furnished guest suites, fourparty rooms and a sun deck with barbecue facilities.

And that summarizes are top ten list.

And that concludes our top ten best condos for rent in Mississauga.

I hope you enjoyedthe list.

If you have any further questions, if you want to know anything about Mississaugacondos definitely check out our website here at www.



Thank you.

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