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Real Estate: Buying, Selling & Renting : How to Rent Out a Home That You’re Trying to Sell


My name is Penny Smith.

I'm a licensedreal estate broker in North Carolina, and today I'd like to talk to you about how torent out your home that you're trying to sell.

If you're selling your home, and you're doinga rental on it, I highly recommend that you do a rental that's a month to month.

If youdo rent your home as a lease, a twelve month lease or a six month lease, then the new homebuyers will have to honor that contractual contract and will have to keep those tenantsin place through the lease.

That's going to eliminate some buyers for you.

So if you doa month to month, then that contract, they can be given a thirty day notice and theyhave to vacate the property, depending on what the buyer's requirements are.

Or thebuyers can pick up that month to month, and keep them in the property if that's what theirintention is, is to buy investment property.

So it's my recommendation that if you do haveto rent the home during the time that you are trying to sell, that you certainly donot limit yourself with buyers by having a lease in place, but have a month to month.

And that's my recommendations on how to rent your home while you're trying to sell.


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Real Estate: Buying, Selling & Renting : How to Rent an Apartment or House

Hello, my name is Penny Smith.

I'm a NorthCarolina real estate broker.

Today I'd like to talk to you about how to rent a house oran apartment.

There's quite a process that you need to go through.

Once you find theproperty that you want to rent and you know that the price on that property is what youwant to pay, then you need to sign a contract.

If the owner doesn't already have preprintedcontracts then he may require an application as well.

And which you will have to providehim with your personal information so that he can do a search to make sure that you area suitable renter.

And then he will have to provide you with a contract.

He can buy thosecontracts at Office Depot or get them form his personal real estate agent.

In each caseit is his responsibility to provide them.

I highly recommend that you have someone toread over that contract to make sure it's in your best interest.

Whether that be a realestate attorney or a family member that you think has some experience with contracts.

Those are my recommendations on how to rent an apartment or house.

Thank you and I hopeyou have a good day.

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How to Sell Your Home Before Buying

Hey we're just about to head over to Kyrsa and David's house and talk to them about selling their home before buying another one.

Or even having one identified to buy.

You know it takes a leap of faith.

Let's hear about their experiences.

It all worked out for them.

Hi my name is Dave and I'm Kyrsa.

Our old house was a 1900 vintage home.

Partially redone when we bought it.

And we introduced a number of changes.

Essentially it was time to move on.

We wanted to make some major changes and so we brought in some architects to get the idea of the scope and costs.

And through that process we realize that, to get the help that we wanted we would have to invest significant amount of money.

We preferred to just take the risk and try to sell and buy something that we actually wanted vs put all this money into a house and may not end up being the house we envision for ourselves.

Working with Randall we were able to negotiate a 90-day closing which was really helpful for us to take the stress off of buying a new home.

Finding a new home to buy.

And buying a house that we might have just felt the pressure to purchase, vs actually love the house itself.

Hey, if we sell our house, and if we have to rent for a year, so be it.

We'll have a year to find the right house and we won't make the wrong decision that would impact this for the long term.

Well after selling our home we were able to have cash on hand.

We had enough money to have a down payment and significant earnest money so that the purchase of our new home would not be contingent on the sale of our old home.

Given today's market, and after consulting with Randall, we really felt this was important for us to obtain the house of our dreams.

We would have been at a serious disadvantage if we were contingent on the sale of our house.

To then move quickly, to put in a competitive offer on the house that we really wanted.

So during our 90-closing period, we were able to comfortably go look for homes.

And during that period, we were able to identify a home that we absolutely fell in love with.

And also have the time to negotiate a deal, settle on closing terms, and also get inspected.

We have a home today that's absolutely wonderful! Wow, Kyrsa and David that was a great explanation of what it's like to sell before buying.

I'm planning on making a series of videos addressing some of these questions that people are asking me.

I hope you'll tune in.

Thanks so much for watching.

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