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Interested in an Alternative Type of Home?

Similar to the clothes that you own which you use for self-expression, your house can also be a form of self-expression. Now if you are not interested in the normal homes that people live in then you can take a look at alternatives to housing. In this website you will be able to learn about some of this alternative housing ideas that you can consider for your house.

Shipping Container Homes
This kind of home may be the most popular alternative house that exists now as this is a cool home to have. You can easily find many examples of modern cozy homes that are made out of shipping containers. There are even some who have combined containers together to make their home bigger. You can also find houses of this type that are so beautiful you would be surprised that they are shipping container homes.
But the homes that are of this level would be made already by a design and build company. Because of the popularity of this alternative way of housing there are companies now that offer design and build services for this type of home.

Cob House
This house is made from earth and straw. This house has the look of clay.

If you are a person who likes communing with nature then you can consider this for your home. There are some people around the world who have built treehouses for themselves. There are even a few that have multiple stories in them.

Rammed Earth Homes
This can be compared to a sandcastle that is built on the sand. The difference would be of course that this house is a permanent structure. To be able to build this kind of house you start with the frames and people usually use wood for this. Then the earth materials are placed inside the frames. When the materials have solidified inside, the frames are then removed.

Wood Pallet Structures
If you look a rustic look for your home then you can consider this. Wood pallets are comparable to popsicle sticks but they are just the adult version of those. If you have the time and energy to spare you can create this type of home yourself slowly. This is a practical home to consider especially for one who owes a lot in student debt.

Geodesic Dome
This is like the Epcot Center which is a famous place in Florida. Those who have this kind of home now have incorporate other materials into it.

Silo Home
If you are into farming then you can read more about this type of home which can suit your farming interest. You just need to discover more about you can prevent having a smelly silo home.

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