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Accenting Your Kitchen with Affordable Upgrades

If the thought of renovating your kitchen gives you financial stress, you’re not alone. Complete remodels can cost thousands of dollars. It’s time to rethink the kitchen space when you’re on a budget. Get familiar with these affordable upgrades that you can perform yourself. A brand-new kitchen may only require a few hundred dollars out of your savings.

Adding a New Countertop

It’s true that a new granite countertop can cost thousands of dollars for one slab. Consider the beauty of prefabricated laminate countertops. These complete sections don’t have the unsightly appearance of the materials available in the 1970s and 1980s. Laminate has come a long way. In fact, it can look exactly like that favorite granite countertop, but without the stone-cold price.

Make your countertop measurements and head down to the wholesale shop. They can cut the section to your exact measurements, including the sink cutout.

Swapping the Fixtures

Your kitchen may have fluorescent fixtures that have seen better days. Pull these components out so that recessed lighting can take over the space. Look for recessed lighting St Petersburg because the choices will be ample for any decor desires. Position the lights in any orientation, which allows you to spotlight certain areas. Light up a kitchen island or food-preparation area. You’re the interior designer in this scenario.

Painting the Cabinets

Instantly transform your kitchen by painting the cabinets. There’s no reason why the cabinets must be swapped out entirely. Most arrangements simply need a new color and door hardware.

Be sure to clean, sand and apply the proper paint. Cabinet paint must hold up to constant touching and grease particles over the years. Several coats of paint should make the kitchen completely different than before.

Don’t forget the value of basic tiles for your backsplash and other details. It may take a little more time to line up and grout the tiles into place, but their prices are often low for even the most attractive designs. Get to work on that kitchen so that it shines brightly during the next holiday.