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Adding Sparkle To Your Bathroom

The bathroom can naturally seem like a darker room compared to some of the other rooms in the home since it usually has fewer windows and is often smaller. With a little refinishing, you can bring your bathroom back to life and give it the glow that it once had when the tub, shower, sinks, floors, and counters were first installed. Consult with a bathroom refinishing Washington DC company that can come to your home to complete the job or offer suggestions about the materials that are best to use in the room.

Accents and fixtures that aren’t being refinished should be protected by cloths or plastic so that they aren’t damaged while the work is taking place. Hot pads can be used to protect the counters. Before removing any kind of protective coverings, you should allow the refinishing products to dry for about 24 hours. This is also a good length of time to let the products dry before using any caulk in the room. Avoid using the fixtures that you have caulked until they are completely dry. This usually takes another 24 hours.

One way to maintain the look of your bathroom after refinishing is to wipe surfaces dry after they are used, especially the tub and shower. This will keep moisture from building on the surface that can linger and develop into mildew or discoloration. There are certain products that you shouldn’t use on your refinished surface because they will take the shine away or dull the color. A company that specializes in refinishing can offer suggestions about the products that you should avoid using and which ones will help to maintain the shine in the bathroom. Although you might want to give your furry friends a bath, avoid putting dogs in your refinished tub for at least a few weeks so that the polish isn’t removed.