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Air Compressors That Are Not Well Maintained Can Cause High Energy Costs and More in the Energy-Expensive Bellingham, Washington

Electricity rates in Bellingham, Washington are relatively high compared to other areas in Washington. The average commercial rate for electricity in this area is 9.46 cents/kWH, whereas the average rate for Washington is 7.68 cents/kWh, meaning that rates are typically 23.18% greater than the Washington average. Residential rates follow a similar trend in Bellingham with the average rate of 10.36 cents/kWh being 21.45% greater than Washington’s average of 8.53 cents/kWh. What exactly is the solution to this problem either then moving to a different city in Washington? The answer lies with air compressors in commercial and industrial industries, as a new air compressor installation Bellingham WA can reduce energy costs by 20-30%. A new installation or regular maintenance can also give a compressed air company room to look for leaks and adjust demand to meet the load of the workplace, not only reducing costs further, but also reducing the carbon foot print of a company.

Air compressor maintenance is also incredibly important in reducing costs and making sure things run smoothly. Daily maintenance or cleaning, is of course the most important of all, as cleaning the compressor and checking for leaks will prevent lost costs and allow the air compressor to perform at its best. Filters should be checked weekly as a dirty filter will lead to a mountain of maintenance costs instead of just a cheap replacement of the filter; It is recommended to replace the filter whenever the user is questioning if it needs to be replaced, as it is fairly inexpensive. The safety relief valve should be checked on a monthly basis as a defective one will lead to leaks or worse. Compressor joints and air connections should be checked monthly in order to check for leaks; A good tip when checking for leaks is to look for air bubbles, as they form at the site of all leaks in an air compressor.

Other monthly maintenance includes checking the drive belt and the unit’s bolts. A drive belt that isn’t properly maintained can lead to the compressor using much more energy than intended or not outputting enough energy. Checking the unit’s bolts prevents the air compressor from breaking, an expensive loss that any business should avoid. Following a monthly maintenance and check-up routine as well as daily and weekly cleanliness checks can go a long away.

Lack of maintenance can cause an overwhelming amount of safety concerns and increased costs. Some of the issues that can be caused include carbon build-up, lack of lubrication, high oil consumption and more. Carbon buildup can lead to a compressor working nowhere nearly as effective. Lack of lubrication can cause contamination in the air compressor and cause parts as well as the air compressor itself breaking incredibly quickly. Lastly, high oil consumption will cause damage to pistons and cause the compressor to overheat easily; High oil consumption also considerably increases the money spent on oil. With regular maintenance from a professional or employees, an air compressor’s life can be greatly increased while reducing costs.