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Decorating with Eye Catching Lighting and Décor

Decorating your home is a chance for you to showcase your inner interior designer. You can proudly display all of the personalized touches that reflect your style. Perhaps you enjoy travel and collect trinkets from all across the globe. When you begin decorating your home you can incorporate these treasures into your design. You might have a love for rustic or farm house decor. These are extremely trendy, and many local stores carry furniture and accessories that proudly display the farm house and rustic look without the aged wear of antiques.

There are many ways to decorate your humble abode that go beyond the basic trinkets that you may place about the house. You can add a splash of personal flare by choosing eccentric paint colors. If your favorite color is blue, then use it. You can use this color in the bathroom, bedroom or as a accent wall in any main living space of the home. If you enjoy muted neutrals, then proudly paint those calming shades all over your walls. You can also add some style to your home with soft textiles. Throw pillows and blankets are one of the easiest ways to decorate and incorporate your personal touch. You can constantly switch out throw blankets and throw pills from your blanket ladder, couch or chair. These can be seasonal, neutral, patterned, floral or bright and bold. Depending upon your mood you may want to change these out every few weeks to add a bit of change on a budget to your space. Other textiles that are easy to swap out are table runners, table cloths and place mats. These can liven up a dining room or eat in kitchen space.

Another way to add some flare to your home and proudly display your personal style is through something like your home decor light fixtures. Both the internal and external light fixtures can say a lot about your design style. If you enjoy rustic or farm house decor you can incorporate lantern style lighting outside of your home.

There are also many lantern designs for inside the home. Updated lighting in a bathroom can create a trendy or rustic feel. Your foyer light is also a statement piece. The foyer light fixture is the first light any guests entering your home will experience. If you enjoy jaw dropping and high end finishes you may want to select a chandelier or artistic style light. You also can update the lighting in your kitchen, dining room and living room. You may opt for fan lighting for rooms with higher ceilings. This will be functional and stylish. Can lighting is a wonderful choice for rooms with low ceilings. You can easily brighten up a space without making the room feel smaller than it really is. Farm house chandeliers and Edison bulbs are also trending when it comes to home lighting.

No matter what your budget you can easily update your home with a few personal touches. Incorporate the designs and styles that you love the most. A pop of color, some lighting to set the mood and some soft textiles can create just the ambiance that you are hoping for in your home.