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Four Ways to Get Rid of Bugs at Home

Pests are a problem, and it doesn’t matter where you live. There is always some kind of bug looking to find a new home in your home, and it’s never a welcome sight to see. Fortunately, there are plenty of different ways you can keep the bugs at bay when you move into a new home. Spider, scorpions, roaches, and other unwanted creatures are less likely to call your home their home if you keep it as unwelcoming as possible.

Hire Pest Control

If you want to have someone else handle the pests at home, you can always call pest control services Elgin IL. Professional services of this nature allow you to rest easy knowing your home is bug-free. Most pest control companies offer a guarantee that you will not see any more bugs once they visit, and most will show up to spray again if you notice a problem even after they’ve been by to spray.

Keep the House Clean

Avoiding pests in the home is easy when you don’t give them a place to live. Most bugs want to live where it’s dark, warm, and moist. For example, scorpions love dark, moist locations in the home. Spiders and roaches want to live where you can’t see them. If you avoid leaving piles of laundry, towels, toys, and other items on the floor, you minimize the places bugs like to go. By keeping your house neat and tidy, you don’t allow bugs to get too comfortable.

Only Eat in the Kitchen or At the Table

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is allowing people to eat anywhere in the home. If you have hardwood floors or tile, you might not worry so much about spills. If you’re not worried someone will drop a piece of pizza covered in sauce on the white carpet, you might be more open to people eating anywhere they want. However, this leaves food crumbs all over the house even if you’re good about cleaning up. Bugs will find crumbs anywhere. By minimizing the area where crumbs might drop, you minimize bug’s desire to come into your home and eat.

Secure the Exterior of Your Home

It’s time to go through and check your doors, screens, and windows. If you can see light coming in from any of them or you find holes or cracks, fill them immediately. Bugs need very little space to make their way into your home. A door without proper weather stripping is all it takes for bugs to get into the house. You might notice fewer pests if you seal any potential entry points.

If you don’t have a pest problem at home, it’s helpful to employ these preventative methods. If you do have a pest problem already, calling a professional and discussing your issues allows you to eradicate the problem faster and more efficiently. You can decide at that point if you want to continue service with the professionals or work on preventative maintenance. Bugs aren’t a problem you have to live with.