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Hiring A Cleaner

Sometimes, the daily tasks that you have to perform get in the way of cleaning your house. It’s hard to make sure the floors get the attention that they deserve or the bathroom gets properly cleaned. Fortunately, there are maid service Bethesda companies that can come to your home to take care of the cleaning that you don’t have time to complete. Before you hire a company, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind so that there is someone reliable and responsible in your home.

Conduct an interview with the person you’re interested in hiring. Ask questions about the work that the person has performed and how the person would handle the details of cleaning the insider of your home. After interviewing the person you want to hire for maid service, you should feel comfortable being around that person. Your comfort level should be at a point where you won’t mind that person being around your possessions and being in all of the rooms of your home.

When you have narrowed the list of people you want to hire down to one that is manageable, then ask for a background check and references. Ask for pictures of any work that has been performed as well. Find out of the company has the proper insurance in case anything in your home is damaged or stolen. Talk about rates. Some companies charge a standard rate for each hour while others charge a certain rate for each job. Always get an estimate and the final price in writing before you decide to hire a company because the prices can change at any time. Make a list of the areas in your home that you want to have cleaned as well as other expectations as to how the person should act while in your home.