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How Using a Realtor Increases Your Chances of Buying a House

Buying a house is not as easy as one might think. If you time the market wrong, you may discover you are on the short end when ten other potential buyers get bids in even before you walk in the door. With the help of a real estate agent, you have the best chance of getting to see and bid on the house of your dreams before the masses come calling.

These are some of the ways the real estate Gaithersburg MD professionals will help you close on your dream house.

Getting a Lower Price with Fewer Emotions

If you were to walk into a house and simply tell the owner how much you loved the house, the neighborhood, the yard, the owner knows they don’t have to budge on the price because you are emotionally connected to the property now. Your realtor knows this is a bad deal and will coach you on how to not say anything inside the house, and leave the negotiating to them. Once you decide this is the house, your real estate agent will feel out the other agent and owner, then present an offer based on their experience. When the realtor can feel the seller needs to get out of the house fast, they can present an even lower offer to close the deal, saving you more money and allowing you to have the house of your dreams as you intended.

Buying a House in a Seller’s Market

During a seller’s market, the houses are on the market for what seems like days before they disappear. During this time, usually, the first people to see the house get the offer in or it results in a bidding war. To increase your chances of getting a house, you want to be teamed up with a real estate agent because they will use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to help you secure a bid and win that house. Scanning the service each day, your agent can discover new listings in real-time and get you inside for a viewing before most potential buyers even know it is up for sale.

Using Connections in Real Estate to Close Deals

One of the advantages of working with realtors when house hunting is that they have close relationships with other real estate agents. These relationships not only give your agent the ability to see houses that are going to be or were just listed, but there is already a relationship in place in case the negotiations begin. Since both agents have a professional relationship, the deal is more likely to go through without any issues. Your agent and the listing agent want the same thing you want, to get a contract in hand and get to closing as quickly as possible. In this particular case, all parties win.

The name of the game in real estate is getting your bid accepted and to closing with no issues, something the local real estate agent can assist with during any type market.