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Install the Right Shower Door for Your Space

Everyone has heard the saying that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Whether you’re looking to sell, just want to upgrade the value of your home, or want to spruce up your space, the bathroom can be a great place to start. Because of a bathroom’s limited size, a renovation project can be quite feasible, even if you have a restricted budget or timeframe.

Ideas to Consider

You could go with a frameless glass door if want to achieve an elegant, modern look. Frameless doors come in one piece so everything is clean and sleek. Having a professional company, like County Line Glass, install your doors ensures that your glass panels are properly aligned and that the door will open and close without a hitch. One of the reasons why a lot of customers choose frameless doors is that they can be customized. Whether you have a small shower in the corner of the room or a spacious one with two shower heads, a frameless door can be made to fit.

Doors with frames can also be made to look high-end. These types of set-ups have some type of framing all around their edges. Often, the frame is made out of aluminum, which is easy to clean and matches a variety of decors.

Another option is sliding doors, which are sometimes called bypass doors. The benefit of sliding doors is that they can better fit longer and narrow spaces since there is no door to pivot out into the room. These also come in a frameless version, with the doors sliding on a track that they hang from.

Work With a Professional

When you’re ready to get started on your shower, you can consult with someone knowledgeable about the industry so that you can get all your questions answered and hear about your options. Anyone looking for information on glass shower doors in Dallas, TX, is welcome to contact County Line Glass.