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Packing Timeline for Your Next Move

If you’re moving, you might consider hiring a moving company to make the process easier. Even if it’s a local move, local moving services Colorado Springs CO can help you make the transition from one home to another much simpler. Before you put it on the to-do list and forget about it, you should garner a good idea of what a helpful moving timeline looks like.

Consider the Season

Did you know there are high and low seasons for moving? Moving companies are far busier during the summer months than y other time of the year. Most people want to move in the summer when their kids are out of school. It makes the move easier on everyone to keep the change to a minimum, and you’ll need to book a mover as far in advance as you can during this busy season. You can’t help it if you don’t have much notice before your move, but don’t put off hiring a mover during the summer months. Winter months are slower for moving, and you can probably get a mover to help you at the last minute this time of year.

Packing Timeline

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of notice. Your house sells fast, and the buyer wants to pay all cash with a two-week closing date. You get a new job and start in one month. You can’t help it if you don’t have ample notice, but you should start packing as soon as a last-minute move is made known. If you are planning a move in advance, it’s helpful to start purging and packing unused seasonal items two to three months in advance.

Personal Item Packing

You cannot live out of boxes for months, but you can plan to live out of them for a few days. When you’re less than a week out from your move date, start packing things you use regularly. You’ll spend this week living as if you are on vacation, which means you’ll live out of your suitcase. You want that suitcase to keep your personal belongs to use the first night in your new home, too.

The Day of your Move

Pack anything that’s left. Your toothbrushes, your coffee pot, and anything you couldn’t live without until this point should go into a box with a label that indicates it’s not to be put anywhere but on the kitchen counter. You’ll want these things the first morning in your new home, too. All your furniture can be moved by the movers, so there is nothing for you to do there.

Moving is always a little stressful when you realize how many moving parts are involved, but it’s not impossible. You can find the help you need in a moving company, and you can make checklists and timelines to help you stay on track. There are thousands of helpful tips you can use to make your move smoother. You just must find the ones that work best for you.