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Picking a New Neighborhood: What to Look For

It’s time for a change. You may have lived in the same area for a decade or longer. Moving to a new town or city is just what you need to move forward in life. Picking a new neighborhood is a challenge, but it can be simplified with a few key points. Learn what to look for in your next neighborhood. You’re going to love where you live.

Examine Area Statistics

Go online, and look for key statistics in a chosen neighborhood. Look at schools, demographics and crime statistics. A quality neighborhood has a diverse population with an emphasis in education and caring for the surrounding land.

Avoid any areas with high-crime rates. Property values won’t be as high as you like along with low, quality of life.

Walk the Streets

One of the best ways to experience a neighborhood is by walking the streets. Before you call moving companies Malibu, take a trip out to your prospective neighborhood. Walk around the residential streets, and then venture to the commercial areas. If you feel comfortable in your surroundings, this neighborhood has potential. You won’t get the same feedback by looking at online pictures.

Know the Businesses

A good way to size up a neighborhood is by learning about the businesses that serve the area. Aside from the market and local dentist, look at the industries that support the community. There might be a new job waiting for you at a local warehouse, for example.

Talk to the Locals

If you’ve narrowed down your neighborhood choices to one or two locations, start with conversations among the locals. Introduce yourself at a community meeting, or simply start a conversation in a coffee shop. Getting to know your neighbors will help you acclimate to the new area. If you receive a cold welcome, you may want to rethink the neighborhood’s allure.

Always take your time with a move. Skipping over details and hurrying into any decision can have negative repercussions. Being on top of every detail will give you the neighborhood that you’ve always wanted.