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What to Do with the Space Now That You Have an Empty Garage

There are many reasons that you end up with an empty garage. Whether you no longer have a vehicle to fill the space, it was being used by a child who you thought would never leave, or it’s simply been too messy to be of any use.

Whatever the reason, now that you have space you are likely wondering what to do with it. Below are some great ideas to consider.

A Sewing or a Craft Room

If you have always had a penchant for craft works then this could be your time to shine!A large open space is a perfect area to construct a creating room!

Start by climbing into your attic and pulling out all of the sewing machines and materials you have been keeping up there for so long thinking that you would never have the time or space to use them. Once you have these, lay it all out on the floor in your garage and visualize where everything will go.

When it comes to furniture, the following is a good start:

  • A sewing table
  • A comfortable sewing chair
  • A large table to play with your fabric and cut out patterns
  • A couch to rest or sleep on
  • Storage space for your supplies and to keep your area clean
  • Some form of entertainment, such as a TV or a radio

If you don’t have a TV or music, start with a bose coupon from Groupon Coupons to pick up a Bluetooth speaker which you can connect to your phone and listen to your music anywhere you are in the crafting space.

A Man Cave

If there is a man in your home then there is a good chance that he also has his eye on the space, possibly considering turning it into a man cave for himself. If you like the idea of this but don’t know where to start, consider adding the following items:

  • A few couches, with one that opens to a bed
  • A large screen TV
  • A gaming console
  • A small bar with a refrigerator
  • A closet to store snacks

While it may seem basic, the decorating is best left up to the actual inhabitant of the space. After all, you want to encourage them to use the space for themselves, so it’s best that they choose how it looks.

A Home Gym

If you like the idea of something the both of you can use, then a home-gym could be the perfect middle ground. When creating a home gym, instead of sticking with the 80’s minimalist style, consider how your local gym appears and minimalist design. Start with:

  • One large machine which can offer you a range of exercises
  • A space to stretch and cool down
  • A refrigerator to keep your drinks
  • A place to hang your towel
  • Closet space to store your equipment and gear
  • Similar to the above note, entertainment in the form of a TV or portable sound system

These are just three great ideas for you to convert you now empty garage into! Of course, there isn’t anything to say that you can’t have the best of both worlds!