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The Essential Laws of Marketing Explained

Essentials of Marketing a Small Business

Knowing what marketing strategies are best to use has always been a challenge. With the increasing number of marketing channels these days, it has become even harder to see which methods are most effective. How to begin?

Introduce yourself online.

Digital marketers have an insider joke that says something like you only exist in this world if Google knows that you do. It’s a joke alright, but in any case, there is a lot of truth going behind it.Luckily, doing this couldn’t be simpler: get online, add your business on Google, and ensure that every bit of business information you have entered is accurate. This will make it easier for people to find you and communicate with you when they run an Internet search.

Search-optimize your content.

Before anything else, know the best keywords to use and actually use them on your website. However, don’t just put them everywhere or the search engines might just ban your site outrightBut be careful not to stuff them anywhere as you could be penalized by search engines, if not totally banned. Most importantly, create content that is centered around your business, especially topics that your potential clients are most inclined to read.Thus, if you’re offering application portfolio management services, provide content related to application portfolio management. Note that Google can’t and won’t find you if you’re all about issues thathave little to do with your customers.

Get smart when using social media.

You have to be right where your target market is, and most of them are on social media, especially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram. But be sure to avoid the mistake that a lot of people have made. Engage your customers and potential customers rather than being an unfeeling fixture. Be an active part of the social community, and if people reach out to you for any reason, be professional and sincere in your response. It’s a lot like making friends in person: you just can’t do it if you don’ really care about them.

Put yourself in front of everyone.

Marketing with a computer screen is effective, but it’s not everything you can do. You need to put yourself in front of and amongst your community. For instance, have one or two of your employees attend networking events, and let them introduce themselves and your company while building relationships.Know which networking groups exist in your area, or better yet, sponsor one of them.

Email’s not dead!

Lastly, some say email is dead, but they don’t know what they’re talking about. Social media marketing is good, but only a small bunch of your audience will see your message. An email campaign ensures, however, that a huge percentage of your audience will actually find such message in their own inbox. How to make your email compelling enough for your people to want to read it, is in your hands.

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