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Tips for Buying a Beach House

Shopping for a new home is an exciting process, but shopping for a beach home is even more exciting. If you’re in the market for a home on the beach or near it, you might want to know that it’s a little different than shopping for a traditional home elsewhere. While your goal to make a house a home is the same, you do have a few other considerations to make when looking at homes for sale santa rosa beach fl.

Flood Zones

If your home is directly on the beach or close to it, you might be subject to flooding if your home sits on the ground. You want to know what the flood zone is where you are looking, how much it will cost you in terms of insurance, and you might want to consider only looking at beach houses that are raised off the ground with stilts or a sea wall. Hurricanes and flooding in Florida are not uncommon, and the safety of your family and your home is a top priority.

Outdoor Showers

If you choose to live directly on the beach, you want an outdoor shower or a place to easily put one. Traipsing in from the beach covered in sand can quickly ruin your floors and make it impossible for you to feel comfortable walking around your own home without shoes. Sand is fun when you’re outside playing in it, but it’s a lot less fun when you’re in your own home cleaning it.

The Flooring

You want to have tile floors if you’re on the beach. Not only does tile hold up well when it comes to cleaning sand off the floor, it’s not going to suffer moisture or water damage. Wood floors might not hold up well if you get them wet, and carpet is not a good option when sand is prevalent. If the home you’re looking at doesn’t have tile floors, consider the price of the home and the cost of replacing floors yourself.


Where you want to live and what you want in a location is entirely up to you but remember that location matters very much if you’re looking to use this home as a secondary home and a rental. Being directly on the beach means you can rent your home for the most possible money, and being close to the bars, restaurants, and entertainment in your area is also helpful. If you choose to sell later, you’ll also find your home is more valuable if it’s close to all these things.

Buying a home on the beach means you’re spending a lot more money than you would on a home in a traditional neighborhood. It’s expensive to live on the beach and houses this close to all the salt water do require more maintenance and upkeep. You’ll pay more taxes, more for insurance, and the overall cost of living on the beach is higher. This is why you must make the right purchase, and these tips can help.