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Turn to us when you need to wire your house!

“Turn to us when you need to wire your house? What does that mean?” It means you should choose Turner Electric for all of your residential electric needs because we are the best electricians in Benbrook, TX. Wiring your house and configuring the electrical circuits and connections in your house is no joke. There have been many reported cases of houses which were improperly wired electrically catching fire as a result. You sure don’t want this to happen to your house because it is your castle!

What makes us so special

Since the electrician profession is a trade, there are literally thousands of electricians and electrical companies you can choose from, either by looking through the online yellow pages, or by asking your friends and family members for references! What makes us so special? Why should you choose us? The answer is because our electricians are graduates of the best electrical trade schools in the nation, and have been trained by the best apprentices in the electrical field. You will get high quality service and great results which will leave you impressed as a result!

More about us!

Turner Electric was founded in 1978 and is a family owned company. We believe in treating everyone – whether they are our employees or customers – like family. We have a lot of happy customers, and get a lot of repeat business and referrals as a result. We make sure that our electricians use only the best equipment when wiring your house. The same applies for electrical installations. All of our work is guaranteed by a warranty which lasts for a few years.  You know that our company has to be the best in the electrical field for us to have the confidence to make that bold of a claim!

We believe that the customer is king!

After all, without you and people like you, we wouldn’t have a business. We provide our customers with the best in terms of customer service for this reason. Our customer service reps are the best trained in the industry. They also have years of experience which gives them the technical knowledge and confidence to answer and resolve even your most complex and challenging issues. Additionally, they are known for their compassion – they see you as a real person with real issues and real emotions, all of which are being affected by the electrical problems that you are currently facing with the place where you live. Our customer service reps know and understand that bad electrical wiring and configuration in a house can be your worst nightmare which keeps you up many a night with fret and worry! They go out of their way to resolve your worst residential electrical issues before a situation like that can happen to you!

When it comes to electricity, only the best will do

Electricity in a house is as essential as gas, heat, and water are. If your house is not wired right to begin with, it could create an entire host of expensive and annoying problems which can be a real headache for you and your family. To avoid this calamity, you want to make sure your house is wired by the best in the field, which happens to be Turner Electric!