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What Types of Roof Trusses Should You Use When Constructing Roofs?

Roof trusses are wooden or metallic structures designed to provide support for roofs and bridge the space above a room occurring at different consistent intervals which are linked by longitudinal metals or timber like purlins. Trusses can be said to be the skeleton of a roof since they give it its shape and provide support to the roof. In residential roofs, trusses are composed of a series of triangular shaped sections and are pre-fabricated support members usually made using wood, joined with metals at every part where two pieces of wood meet.

The roof trusses contractors Sydney will tell you that they can be designed for structures such as apartment buildings, commercial complexes or residential buildings and they are vital components in the creation of an architecturally sound and fully engineered building. Pre-fabricated timber roof trusses are easy to install, cost-effective and they have flexibility in their design which allows them to accommodate a variety of architectural specifications like raked ceilings, coffered ceilings and box gutters. Here are the types of trusses to use in roof construction.

Raised Heel Truss

This type of roof truss provides you with a very good system for structural support and a very good room for insulation making it one of the best types of timber roof truss. It is important to know that this type will not help you lower the energy bill value, and it requires additional materials for it to give the best results hence the cost of installing raised heel trusses can be a little bit higher than other types of trusses.

Fan Truss

Fan trusses are made of steel and they have a very simple design. Usually, their top chords are split into smaller lengths which plays a major role in allowing this build to obtain purlin support and the trusses form a fink roof truss. This type provides a medium span of around 10- 15m which is enough in a lot of projects.

Parallel Cord Truss

To lower the amount of labour required while working with them, parallel cord trusses opt for full pieces of wood and the best part in using these trusses is that you will neither require a bearing wall nor a beam. They are designed for those who want to go into construction and begin with a small budget.

Howe Truss

This is an elegant type of truss which offers an appealing design because it is a combination of steel and wood, where almost every other part is made of wood apart from the vertical or the tension members which are made from steel to provide additional support and dependability. Howe trusses are adaptable and very useful for a wide range of projects due to the fact that they have a wide span and can cover anything up to 30m.

Although it is easy to customize most trusses, it is a wise thing to work with a roofing expert who will help you to find the most suitable type of roof trusses for your building and in this way, you will find the highest quality truss that suits your budget.