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What You Should Know About Bed Bugs

Although bed bugs date back to ancient Greece times, the world heard about them only in bedtime stories until 2005. This year saw an influx of bed bug infestations in locations across the U.S., none to the delight of susceptible sleepers. Even more troublesome, the normal pesticides and chemicals used to treat the bugs did nothing to cease the bed bug. Fast forward and now, advances in bed bug treatments have slowed the infestations and improved treatments, yet the bugs remain a threat.

Luckily, bed bugs do not carry disease, but that doesn’t change the angst that people feel when they suspect, see, or are bitten by the bug. Many people are allergic to the venom the bug injects so it can enjoy its blood meal, leaving them experiencing an allergic reaction that causes intense swelling and inconsolable itching. Anyone who is bitten by a bed bug knows all-too-well that the bites are a nuisance, thought for others that simply does not describe the bite whatsoever.

Bed bugs are sneaky, small critters that oftentimes go unnoticed by the eye. They’re similar in appearance to a tick, though many people suggest their bite resembles that of a mosquito. The bugs hide between your mattress and box springs, in the bed frame, inside wall outlets, and inside any other tiny, dark crevices until the wee hours of the night when you’re fast asleep. They strike, ready to feed upon a blood meal at your expense. The venom the bug injects numbs the area, allowing the bug to generally finish his meal without waking the victim. The bug bites itch profusely, oftentimes in clusters or rows on the arms, feet, or the legs.

Preventing bed bugs is not easy, but there are many safety precautions that you can add to your day to minimize the risks of an infestation occurring at your home. This pest moves from luggage, clothing, and other items. It is this hitchhiking method that causes the bug to so easily make its way into your home before you realize what’s occurred. To minimize these risks, check anything purchased second hand for bugs before bringing it into your home. Wash clothing, bedding, and other upholstery items and dry on the highest setting before first use. Keep the home clean to reduce hiding spots for the bugs and of course, vacuum the floor regularly.

If you suspect bed bugs in your home, do not wait to call a bed bug extermination service chicago il immediately. Exterminators have a variety of treatment options that will eliminate the pest, so you can get back to a worry-free life. Bed bugs multiply very quickly so the longer that you wait to call for extermination service, the longer you’ll deal with the sleepless nights and the many burdens the pests bring to your life.

Cost of professional bed bug service varies from one type of treatment and provider to the next, but ensures fast, prompt removal of the pests. The at-home bed bug treatment kits simply cannot provide the same successful results as the professionals. Do not take that type of risk when your comfort and sanity are on the line.